Chris Selland

I get up, and nothing gets me down

“I think the Obama team is beating up Romney for something that makes great headlines and might look bad to an unsophisticated voter. But to me this looks petty and cheap. I don’t like petty and cheap. I wish the Obama team would talk about important stuff instead of beating up a guy over nonsense.”

“All of this is good news for entrepreneurs since they are in the best position to take advantage of all of these changing dynamics. It is not as good news for those who find themselves operating a big Internet business started more than five years ago. You are going to need to make a hard right turn super fast without flipping over the car.”

Great graphic from A VC: The Startup Curve

“Let’s remember one of the cardinal rules of social media. Out of 100 people, 1% will create the content, 10% will curate the content, and the other 90% will simply consume it.”

“We are crossing a huge chasm from an industrial society to an information society. And there is immense pain in that transformation.”